B-Side is a monthly service that ships vinyl to your door. Geared towards busy millennials, B-Side offers a fun and innovative way of receiving and exploring vinyl. All users have to do is create an account online, queue up records they would want delivered, and wait! Each month individuals receive a redesigned 45 record of their choice, as well as other elements hidden in each new package (stickers, poster, matches, etc). For my senior capstone project I created B-Side’s branding, packaging, as well as a small selection of vinyl available to users.  

The logo itself is interchangeable, attempting to respond to the curve of a record and the needle of a record player. 

Final B-Side Files-04.jpg
Display 0638 2017-10-06.jpg
Display 0638-2 2017-10-06.jpg
Display 0638-1 2017-10-06.jpg
Billboard 0230 2017-10-06.jpg